Rocketry Vendors

We’ve compiled a list of rocketry kit and component vendors for all your rocketry needs. Whether you’re flying modrocs or high power, you should be able to find something here.

Our Preferred Vendors:

B2 Rocketry
Chris’ Rocket Supplies
HobbyTown USA
Madcow Rocketry

Rocket Kit Vendors:
Adept Rocketry
Aerospace Specialty Products
Apogee Components
Art Applewhite Rockets
Balsa Machining Service
BRS Hobbies
Discount Rocketry
Dr. Zooch
Hawk Mountain Enterprises
Madcow Rocketry
Mercury Engineering
Merlin Missiles
Performance Hobbies
Public Missiles LTD
Red Arrow Hobbies
Red River Rocketry
Rocketry Warehouse
Sirius Rocketry
Squirrel Works
Uncle Mike’s Rocket Shack

Rocket Motor Vendors:

Chris’ Rocket Supplies
Giant Leap

Rocketry Recovery Systems:

B2 Rocketry
Fruity Chutes
Sphereachutes Parachutes
Top Flight Recovery

Rocketry Avionics Systems:

Aerocon Systems
Altus Metrum
Featherweight Altimeters
Jolly Logic altimeters and the Chute Release
Missile Works

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