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Time to fly some rockets!

HARA meeting this Thursday, December 5 @ 7:30 PM in the boardroom of the USSRC main building

Meeting location has been moved for December – go to the security entrance on the east side of the main USSRC building and tell the desk you are there for the HARA meeting (map showing entrance location below flyer).

Interested in a December 21 launch?

We have the opportunity to hold a High-power launch on December 21 with vendor support from CS rocketry.
Since this is so close to the holidays, we’re asking that IF you are interested in attending a launch on 12/21 Please email the officers group ( so we can judge how much equipment we’ll need or whether to call in the waiver and request Chris’s support.
Have a good Thanksgiving folks,
~Allen Owens
Vice President

HARA launch this Saturday, November 9!

HARA meeting this Thursday, November 7th, @ 7:30 PM in the ERC

Launch update, Friday October 18 12:30 PM – Launch is currently go for tomorrow at 10 AM!

We will be flying at the Jackson 5 field in Woodville – for location and more details, see

We will continue to monitor the weather and post any changes to launch status. Please bear in mind the winds are forecast to be in excess of 10 mph.

Christmas rocket contest!

Saturday launch moved to October 19th

HARA meeting this Thursday (October 3) @ 7:30 PM in the ERC… TARC class @ 6:30 PM!

2019-2020 launch schedule posted!

Check it out here!