Names Needing Rockets

Often as a LCO I will get a flight card filled out with the rocket name given as ‘none’ or ‘blue rocket’ or some such empty unimaginative title. This should not be. There are many incredible unclaimed names for rockets that evoke adventure and excitement so that these blanks need never again be left craving a designation. Even the rocket beginner need only look to an Independence Day Celebration catalog or the aisle of heavy metal rock albums for inspiration. As a service to name the unnamed rockets we offer a sample listing here. Keep this list on the LCO table to complete those flight cards with style.


Lucifer’s Hammer

Torch of Freedom

Ninja Steel

Gravity Wins

Einstein’s Enigma

Zombie Apocalypse

Screaming Memaw

Jaw Dropper

Raging Ghoul

Gator Hunter

Moonshine Mama


Red Devil Skull

Matrix of Leadership


Star Harvester

Sword of Judgement

Merlin’s Staff

Tower of Saruman

Death From Above

Justified By Works

Tesla Jolt

Oblivion Delirium

Medusa’s Rage

Carbon Contaminator


Scalded Dog

Blistering Ballistic

Newton’s Nightmare

Allegiance of Doom

Watch This Bubba

General Tso’s Revolt

Blunt Force Trauma

Night Assassin

Brink of Disaster

Can of Whiplash

Demon Dancer

Hold My Beer



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