Our Officers

Allen Owens, President

Allen is a Systems Engineer with Northrop Grumman Corporation and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering. His appreciation for space technology (and rockets) led him to pursue the aerospace and defense industry while in college, interning with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Northrop Grumman, and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. before joining Northrop fulltime in Huntsville out of college. Sport rocketry introduced itself to him while launching Space Camp rockets with trainees as an intern and encouraged him towards high power competition at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition (IREC) in college. Allen is currently an active NAR member with a level 2 certification.

John Jenkins, Vice President

John is a Senior Repairs Technician formerly with AeroVironment Inc. in Simi Valley, CA., who accepted a position at AV’s Huntsville office supporting its’ UAS/TMS training and demonstration activities. Previous to AV, he spent 20 years as a US Navy Aviation Electronics Technician; working on communication, navigation, weapon, and mission systems on the P3C, EA-6B, F/A-18, and A-6 aircraft platforms. John’s abilities as a troubleshooter and experience in system design, modification and integration, has earned him numerous citations, along with being named a subject matter expert on many systems. His education is on-going, with a Mechanical Engineering Degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville projected to be completed by Dec2020. His first of many LPR experiences was in 1975, with the building of a Big Bertha. After a 25-year hiatus, John and family returned to rocketry in 2012, joined HARA in 2015 and in 2016 flew to certify as a TRA L1; with L2 coming soon. He is excited to see what the coming year will bring, and hopes to provide others with as much knowledge as he gets from them.

Duane Mayer, Treasurer


Duane is a New Product Introduction Engineer at Benchmark Electronics, taking new projects and getting them into manufacturing production.  He got started in rocketry in the 1960’s, and recalls his first rocket was the Estes Scout which cost a whopping 70₵. Duane won the Estes “Design of the Month” in January 1983 for his hand generator launch controller.  Duane left rocketry for a number of years, but made a big return in 2011 to mentor his daughter TARC team which placed 11th at the Nationals.  Duane joined HARA in 2012 and holds a level 2 HPR certification.

Vince Huegele, NAR Advisor

VinceVince is a retired NASA aerospace test engineer at Marshall Space Flight Center.  He started launching rockets in the fifth grade, and has been flying ever since.  His education includes a BS in Physics and a MS in Engineering. Vince has been a member of HARA since 1984, serving in every role including club president for 10 years.  He also proudly serves as Education Chair on the NAR Board of Directors.  Vince likes building mid power scale rockets; his favorite being the V-2 rocket.

Art Woodling, TRA Prefect


Art is a Senior Systems Analyst at Teledyne Brown Engineering where he develops computational algorithms centered on the thermal phenomenology related to ballistic missile flight. He was previously a member of the Physics faculty at Murray State University where he taught Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Methods to Undergraduate and Graduate students. His education includes a BA, MS, and PhD in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. He got his start in rocketry as a young teenager in the mid 1960’s when he flew an Astron Scout with a 1/2A in his back yard. An extensive arsenal of kits and original designs soon followed. After a thirty five year hiatus, Art found his way back to the sport, this time extending his reach into the high power arena. He currently holds level 3 HPR certifications in both TRA and NAR.

Bill Cooke, Secretary

Bill is the lead for NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office, which focuses on the meteoroid hazard to spacecraft and astronauts. His team also keeps track of meteors and fireballs entering the atmosphere and provides information to the media and the public about such events. Possessing a BS in Physics and Astronomy and a PhD in Astronomy, Bill got started in rocketry way back in 1968 (his first rocket was a Centuri Javelin) and has been active in the hobby for over 50 years. Noted for his fondness for clusters, he currently holds a level 1 HPR certification.