How To Articles

HARA members are pretty inventive, and we want to show you new ways to build your rockets. A few of our how to ideas have been published in Rocketry Magazine or Peak of Flight online newsletter.

Check their How to Articles out here:

  1. Nut Plates For Rail Button Attachments by Daniel
  2. How To Make Advanced Composite Fins Part 1 by Daniel
  3. How To Make Advanced Composite Fins Part 2 by Daniel
  4. Fiberglass Parts By “Lost Foam” Technique by Daniel
  5. ARCAS Rocket Build Instructions by Daniel
  6. How To Size Ejection Charges by Daniel
  7. How To Make An Alignment Key For Long Length Rockets by Daniel




  1. Daniel Cavender says:

    Thank you for the compliments. 🙂

  2. David Rabb says:

    Need directions to Bragg farm.
    Thanks Dan. Also have other club info to share.

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