TARC Resources

TARC website: rocketcontest.org

TARC Yahoo Discussion Group (Place to post questions and get official answers): NARTARC

Huntsville TARC mailing list: HSVTARC@groups.io (To join, send an email to HSVTARC+subscribe@groups.io)

OpenRocket design software: OpenRocket (Note: requires JAVA)

2019-2020 TARC class presentations (Powerpoint format):

Tim Van Milligan’s article on TARC design (PDF format): Process of designing a rocket for TARC (2015)

Trip Barber’s presentation on TARC flight practice (PDF format): Flight testing for TARC

TARC vendors:

  • Aerospace Specialty Products – parts, good source for commercial rip stop nylon parachutes. Fast service
  • Apogee Components – source for parts, parachutes, altimeters, egg cushions, and limited quantities of motors. Fast service but a bit on expensive side
  • Balsa Machining Service – source for parts and limited quantities of motors. Good prices, fast service
  • BuyRocketMotors.com – source for rocket motors in batches. Can be slow
  • Chris’ Rocket Supplies – our local vendor. Has motors, casings, and altimeters (TARC discount on motors)
  • eRockets – parts, altimeters, parachutes, limited motor quantities. Fast service