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HARA’s monthly meetings serve as a place to host technical presentations that we call “Tech Talks” about amateur rocketry to help our members grow in the hobby. After two years of presenting these Tech Talks, we have decided to start posting video presentations on our website.

HARA’s vast membership and knowledge base is a valuable resource, and we want to share that knowledge. We hope that you will enjoy our Tech Talks. If you have a suggestion for future topics, please let us know. Thank you.

Tech Talk 2017 #2: Wayne McCain – LOFT-1

Tech Talk 2017 #1: Vince Huegele’s Sport Scale Ares I

Tech Talk #7: Making Rocket Motor Igniters

Tech Talk #6: Nike-Hercules

by Woody Bevill

Tech Talk #5: Rocket Recovery Systems Part 1

by Daniel Cavender

Tech Talk #4: AGM-88 HARM

by Elliot Laramie

Tech Talk #3: NAR Teacher Certification

by Vince Huegele


Tech Talk #2: Nike-Hercules

by Woody Bevill

Technical Difficulties – Coming Soon

Tech Talk #1: How To Make A Rocket Video

by Daniel Cavender


  1. Doug says:

    Would love a video and schematics on the ammo can launch systems.

  2. Congratulations SUPER HARA!!!!!!

  3. Good morning everyone! One question: When will they post Part 2 ….. 3 of the topic: Rocket Recovery Systems?

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