Monthly High Power Rocket (HPR) Launches

Hello All!

Hope this note finds you and yours well and ready for the coming year!

It is an unfortunate duty, however; to inform all of the local flyers, students, and spectators that we are not able to continue flying from the sod farm in Manchester. We are fortunate to have been allowed to utilize the field at Manchester for 12+ years, and for being allowed it’s continued use after Southern Thunder 2017. My thanks to Manchester Sod for allowing a safe and wide open space to enjoy our hobby; I hope to continue to work with them in the event that we can continue our relationship into the new year!

So, where do we go from here? Well, up of course! HARA, along with the Music City Missile Club (MC2), are actively searching Tennessee and Alabama for an alternate High Power flying field(s) to support a monthly flight schedule and our yearly Southern Thunder event. Does this mean we can’t fly LPR/MPR anymore? Of course we can! We are still able to support TARC, and low to mid-power launches through the individual clubs local LPR/MPR sites. Please contact us (or MC2 if you are closer to Nashville), to find out where and when the launches will happen.

And, just in case… If you happen to own, or know someone who owns a location that may be suitable for flying HPR, and would be willing to discuss the possibility of using the site, please contact HARA with the pertinent details. We will make contact and determine if a launch is feasible, safe, and beneficial to both parties.

Hope to see you all in 2018!


John Jenkins
HARA President
NAR Section #403
Tripoli Huntsville #80