Monthly High Power Rocket (HPR) Launches

High Power Rocket (HPR) launches are held each month from March through October.  The launches are held at a sod farm outside of Manchester, TN, a site that accommodates the large spaces necessary for these high performance vehicles.  HARA shares the launch hosting responsibilities for this site with the Music City Missile Club out of middle Tennessee.

The launch crew usually arrives for setup around 9AM with first flights around 10AM. We stick around as long as the folks are having a good time, typically packing up in the late afternoon.

A $5 launch fee for non-HARA club members helps us cover the cost of our equipment upkeep. Rocket motors are very harsh on launch pads. The fee covers your flights all day. Save on launch fees by becoming a HARA member.

There is a standing waiver to 10,000′ AGL at every Manchester launch. For special occasions, such as Southern Thunder, the waiver may be extended to higher altitudes for limited periods during the day. Please note that rockets achieving such high altitudes have a good chance of landing in the trees surrounding the field, especially if there is a strong wind.

Low and mid-power flyers are also very welcome at these launches – You don’t need to fly a K motor to join in on the fun!