Our hobby is built on safely having fun in flying our rockets. However, the pandemic is still ongoing, so to ensure the safety of all flyers we are implementing the following protocols at all HARA launches:

1. If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or feel ill, be considerate of your fellow rocketeers and stay home. If you feel uncomfortable or are at high risk, stay home. Ultimately, your safety rests with you and HARA cannot guarantee that you will not contract the virus.

2. Please bring hygiene items like masks and hand sanitizer with you. HARA is unable to supply flyers with these. Use hand sanitizer after coming into contact with flight cards, table tops, igniter clips, etc.

3. Bring your own pen to fill out flight cards. These will still need to be completed before launching.

4. Maintain social distancing (10 feet or more of distance) between you and flyers not in your group or family. If you must closely interact with others, please wear a mask.

5. Please wear a mask when checking in at the RSO/LCO table and at the low power pads. We will try to maintain the appropriate social distance, but it might be difficult at times. Because of the separation, masks should not be necessary at the mid or high power pads.

We believe these are simple common sense procedures necessitated by the times, and do not restrict anyone from flying and having fun at our launches. HARA looks forward to seeing you on the field!