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A Good Friday at Horizon

Gifted specialist teacher Beth Boro smiles each year HARA comes out to fly rockets for her students because we’ve been doing it for a long time. “I first heard about you guys in the late eighties when I was teaching at another school. You came to show the students your rockets then and you still are now.” Bill Cooke and I were able to continue the trend Friday morning, April 18 by launching at Horizon Elementary for their Spaceweek celebration Read more

HARA’s Open House Report

HARA’s Open House Event last Thursday was a wild success.  First of all, thank you to all those who helped put the evening on, especially Fred Kepner Woody Bevill, and Laura Schertz. I spent the days leading up to the event at NASA Wallops and relied heavily on the team back home to take care of the last minute details. After problems with the email server and being bumped from the conference hall to the classroom by the Alabama Fashion Week party, we had some doubts that many people would come. Boy were we wrong. . Read more

HARA Launch at Lincoln

By Vince Huegele

We don’t get many requests for launch demonstrations after Thanksgiving, but that’s when Lincoln Academy called us to help them with their Spaceweek. They had heard there was a rocket club in town and found our website. Read more

Pack 351 Rocket Blast – and indeed it was!

by Bill Cooke

Every year Cub Scout Pack 351 has their annual ‘rocket blast’, in which the cubs fly rockets they have recently bought or built. HARA – in the form of Chuck Pierce and various others who show up to assist – always provides the launch setup and range control, which has been fairly easy for the past couple of years due to the use of the USSRC/Space Camp launch facilities. Read more

HARA’s School Launches

by Vince Huegele

As the 2012 school year winds down HARA has been busy with launch demonstrations. On May 3 we were set to fly for the 4-H Urban Youth Farm Day at the A&M field in Hazel Green, but steady showers scrubbed the launch. The facility has a building that could hold all 300 kids so 4-H held the event inside. Read more