HARA is go for launch March 15th at Bragg Farms!

We are go for launch! HARA welcomes TARC teams from around the Tennessee valley and the public to participate in low and mid power rocket flights tomorrow (March 15th) at Bragg Farms. High power rocket flights are restricted at Bragg Farms. We will target a start time of 10am, but we may start earlier or later depending on rage setup and the weather.

The address to Bragg Farms is:1180 Grimwood Rd, Toney, AL 35773

Enter Bragg Farms from Grimwood Rd on a dirt road. The road turns left then right.  You will pass between barns with large harvesting equipment and their may be farming related activities in that area so please be mindful as you enter the area. Carry on down the dirt road into the field. Park off of the dirt road on the grass to the right.

You are welcome to bring coolers with snacks and drinks, and some chairs. There will not be a motor vendor, so be prepared.

Stay tuned to the website and facebook for updates on the launch. See you there!

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  1. Daniel Cavender says:

    We are still a go for launch. There is a chance of rain mid day, increasing into the evening. Skies will be overcast, but sunburn is still a possibility. UV light penetrates the clouds.

    HARA range crew, please plan to arrive at the site by 9:30AM to assist with range setup operations. Other volunteers are welcome.

    Membership cards will be available to paid members. Take the opportunity to join HARA at the launch.

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