Product Review: Perfectflite Stratologger SL-100

by Daniel Cavender

The Perfectflite Stratologger combines the best features of the MAWD and HiAlt45, and offers greater programmability, data storage, and reliability. Those familiar with both the MAWD and HiAlt45 will have an easy time transitioning to the SL100. The SL100 is the same size, and has the same mounting holes pattern as the HiAlt45. The SL100 can operate up to 100,000’ MSL, and temperatures approaching -40°F. The SL100 records, altitude, temperature, and battery voltage at 20Hz for 9 minutes a flight, and can store flight data for 31 flights (> 55 times the MAWD). The SL100 has a telemetry output for real-time data in flight with your RF link. Precision sensor & 24 bit ADC yield superb 0.1% altitude accuracy (5 times the MAWD). The SL100 incorporates a post flight locator siren to aid in locating your rocket. An auxiliary output allows you to install an amplified external beeper.

At start up, the SL100 reports currently selected program preset, main parachute deployment altitude, previous flight apogee, and lastly, battery voltage, then lastly continuity by beeps.

The Stratologger seems a superior altimeter and at $20 cheaper than the MAWDs, which are now discontinued, it seems a good bargain for the capabilities. Thanks to the Perfectflite team for again building a quality, reliable, affordable altimeter.

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