Schools Like HARA Demos

thanks columbia elem

HARA has an active presence in the community with many schools. Here are some notes we have received about our presentations.


Thank you so much for the awesome rocket launch last Friday!  The kids were so excited and really enjoyed it.  It was a great finale to our Space Week.  Bill, we enjoyed the video, too!

Attached is a letter from one of our students.

Have a great day,

Beth Bero

Space Week Chair, Horizon


Dear Mr. Vince Huegele,

Thank you for coming over to our school and doing that really cool rocket launch. It was a fun, great event and was very interesting too. Your rockets even had amazing designs and looked really cool. We enjoyed the event, so thank you for taking the time to come do the rocket launch. We hope that you have the chance to do come do another rocket launch next year and wonder what cool rockets you will be bringing next time. Thank you!

Matt Osadcii, 6th grade

Horizon Elementary school


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