The NAR National Sport Launch is here

NSL SR ad NSL is here in time and space. Time, as in soon. Space, as in physically on our field. HARA, with help from MC2 and SOAR, is hosting the sport rocketry world for a three day fun launch. It’s not specifically an education launch like TARC or SLI and in no way a competition like NARAM. It’s just the celebration of rocketry in low, medium and high power. Come out for a day or all three, but don’t miss the flying circus that is the NSL.


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  1. Bud Wood says:

    Congratulations to HARA, MC2 AND SOAR for the GREAT job hosting an incredible NSL event this past weekend! My wife, daughter and I enjoyed ourselves immensely and we’re extremely impressed with all the hard work that went into pulling off this event (not to mention all of the incredible rockets)! This was our first event to attend but it definitely won’t be our last!

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