HARA Begins its Fortieth year as a NAR Section with February Flights

The bashful bride of good weather finally arrived for the anxious rocketeer grooms after running away from the past three months of scheduled launches. She was cold but calm, allowing many HP certification flights and other large motors to fly on the new field in Paint Rock. Here are a few scenes from the day.


The next launch is March 9.

HARA launch tomorrow (February 9) starting at 10 AM at the Jackson 5 field near Woodville, AL

HARA meeting, this Thursday February 7 @ 7:30 PM in the ERC…

January 12 HARA launch is cancelled…

Forecast is calling for a 100% chance of rain on Saturday, and it doesn’t look like it is going to change. Can’t fly in the rain, so the officers are scrubbing the launch.

This weather pattern stinks.

HARA Launch this Saturday, January 12 at the Jackson 5 field near Woodville, AL

A go/no go decision will be made Thursday – Please monitor this web site or the club Facebook page for launch status.

HARA Design of the Month Contest – Win an Apogee 4″ HPR Zephyr rocket!

The Apogee Zephyr is an easy-to-construct 4″ diameter rocket flying on 38mm motors. It’s perfect for certifying L1, or for fun flying! It’s the prize for winning HARA’s contest in which you construct a model rocket from an old Estes or Centuri rocket plan – description and rules are here.

HARA meeting – This Thursday (January 3) @ the ERC

Launch update – Wednesday @ 6 PM. December 8 launch is cancelled!

Saturday’s launch is cancelled due to weather – forecast has a 100% chance of rain. Long term forecast also shows wet weather on the 14th. Things have been unusually wet of late – hoping for a change!

HARA launch – Saturday, December 8 (Weather permitting)

HARA meeting – Thursday, December 6 at 7:30 PM…