A Look Back at 2016

It was an eventful year of rocketry with HARA. Here are a few photos to remember how it was.zuna16dsc_0872

The TARC Regional in March hosted by UNA attracted many teams.


Woody Bevill launches and scores the flights. zuna16dsc_0868zuna16dsc_0822








Chris Gill and Vince Huegele show rockets to a guest at the National Science Teachers Association Exhibition in Nashville.







Krueger Middle School has an impressive paint job at the Student Launch Rocket Fair and then prepped it on the field.


Art Woodling checks the Alabama A&M payload.


The girls “Nerdvana” team from Lincoln, Alabama flies successfully at the TARC Finals in Virginia. The defending world champions from Russellville prep their bird for the flyoff round. zdsc_0551






HARA hosted the National Sport Launch in May and saw the best rockets and rocketeers fly.

zpdsc_0672 zpdsc_0634zpdsc_0679 zpdsc_0711 zpdsc_0717 zpdsc_0734 zpdsc_0618 zpdsc_0636 zpdsc_0668

It’s really cool to have club meetings at the Space and Rocket Center. In August HARA had a display as part of Biergarten night.zhara1256356747742126_7871386801815277475_n



rcbocollagerockets3Visitors got to build and fly a rocket at the October Rocket City Classic. rcboimage2

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