Rain and Redemption

It takes a lot of faith to load up rockets on a morning when it’s sprinkling rain. Then more faith after you arrive at the field to sit in the car to wait for the shower to pass at noon. But when you finally squish your way out to the pad and the motor exhaust smoke from your flight just hangs over the rack because there’s no wind you’re glad you made the trip. HARA got out on ‘pi’ day (3.14) and enjoyed a mild winter afternoon after two months of denial due to floods.

The motor count for Saturday taken from the flight cards shows most of the thirty flights were high power.

  • 1/2A           1
  • B                1
  • C                1
  • D                2
  • E                4
  • G                2
  • H               13
  • I                 2
  • J                2
  • L                2

Almost all of the H flights were for L1 Certification. The two L flights were by the UAH student team shown prepping in the above photos. For another story on the UAH rocket see –https://www.al.com/news/huntsville/2020/03/nasa-student-launch-works-around-covid-19-restrictions.html


  1. billy collins says:

    Hello to all members i just want to say thanks to Allen and ART who helped me a great deal at the march 14th launch.Allen was in a hurry to launch and leave as i am sure he had important matters and he still took the time to help with my rocket as it was my first dual deploy flight. And a giant thank you and apology to Art as the same rocket landed in a tree and as i was involved in getting my rocket back he stood for at least 1 hour waiting for me to come move my car so he could shut and lock the gate after being there all day. THANK YOU to you guys and anyone looking for a great place to go or join Hara would be a wonderful club to be a part of.

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