Max-Q newsletters coming online…


You will now see a “Max-Q Newsletter Archive” item under the “About Us” menu on the HARA website. This is where I have begun to place scanned copies of the old HARA newsletter, Max-Q. Now replaced by social media, Max-Q served as the primary means of communication among HARA members for much of the club’s existence since its founding back in 1979. The issues contained launch summaries, kit, motor and product reviews, rocket plans, and lots of other stuff. It was very well produced at the beginning, but as time went along, you can see the annual number of issues decrease and the number of pages go down – a common problem with section newsletters. They take a lot of work, and it is very hard to get people to contribute content as the years go by. Max-Q has not been produced for a long while, as it is much easier to do a blog or Facebook post.

Nonetheless, much of the history of HARA is contained within the issues of MaxQ, and as I was scanning them, I realized that they were of value and needed to be made accessible to the club and those outsiders who may have an interest. So I carved out a spot on the club web site – here’s the URL:


Vince has been prodding me for many moons to complete scanning the newsletters, but my progress has been slow. My scanner is an older model, and it often takes a few tries to get a decent quality scan. This, combined with higher priority demands on my time, will result in the slow add of more issues as time progresses. Hopefully my pace will be faster during the hot muggy summer.

Enjoy the Max-Q folks – there are some good things in there!


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