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Flight cards available for download…

We are making flight cards available for download so that flyers can print and fill them out before coming to the launches, minimizing the amount of contact in these pandemic times. Here’s the link:

HARA flight cards

HARA COVID-19 protocols for flyers at our launches

Virtual HARA meeting this Thursday (September 3) at 7:30 PM

Join us on Zoom this Thursday (September 3) at 7:30 PM for our monthly club meeting. This month’s agenda includes:

Update on October club launch – includes discussion on CoVID-19 precautions
Status on club outreach activities
Show and Tell
Monthly prize giveaways – yes, that’s plural!
Brief summary of this year’s virtual NARAM
Status of HARA wireless launch controller

Contact officers <at> for Zoom information.

See you online!

HARA 2020-2021 launch schedule posted!

Details here:

See you on the field in October!

Max-Q newsletters coming online…


You will now see a “Max-Q Newsletter Archive” item under the “About Us” menu on the HARA website. This is where I have begun to place scanned copies of the old HARA newsletter, Max-Q. Now replaced by social media, Max-Q served as the primary means of communication among HARA members for much of the club’s existence since its founding back in 1979. The issues contained launch summaries, kit, motor and product reviews, rocket plans, and lots of other stuff. It was very well produced at the beginning, but as time went along, you can see the annual number of issues decrease and the number of pages go down – a common problem with section newsletters. They take a lot of work, and it is very hard to get people to contribute content as the years go by. Max-Q has not been produced for a long while, as it is much easier to do a blog or Facebook post.

Nonetheless, much of the history of HARA is contained within the issues of MaxQ, and as I was scanning them, I realized that they were of value and needed to be made accessible to the club and those outsiders who may have an interest. So I carved out a spot on the club web site – here’s the URL:


Vince has been prodding me for many moons to complete scanning the newsletters, but my progress has been slow. My scanner is an older model, and it often takes a few tries to get a decent quality scan. This, combined with higher priority demands on my time, will result in the slow add of more issues as time progresses. Hopefully my pace will be faster during the hot muggy summer.

Enjoy the Max-Q folks – there are some good things in there!


End of the 2019-2020 high power flying season

Due to COVID-19 and the start of planting in the fields, the HARA 2019-2020 high power flying season is over. 

Please watch here or the HARA Facebook page for any announcements of other launches.

HARA goes virtual!

The April club meeting, scheduled for this Thursday, April 2, at 7:30 PM will be held via cyber conferencing (or whatever it is called). Members should have received an email through the HARA mailing list. If you didn’t get it, or wish to join, send an email to

“See” you this Thursday night!

March 14 launch is GO!

After a final field inspection, it appears that conditions at Jackson 5 will support our launch tomorrow as scheduled!

  • There will be mud, and the final condition of the dirt road will be uncertain until the day, so plan to park on the gravel pad but please leave a path for vehicles (and especially Chris’s vendor trailer)
  • Cloud cover is uncertain, so bring or buy a backup motor if we need to keep altitudes lower on the day

Also considering the virus and flu season and all that, may want to exercise the 6′ rule when chatting rockets with folks.

Let’s fly folks!

~Allen OPresident, HARA

HARA launch this Saturday, March 14…

Summary of the March 5 HARA meeting

17 persons present.

The meeting started with a 1968 B/W video about the West Covina Model Rocket Society. Unfortunately the audio in the projector did not work, so Bill had to provide commentary to the movie. The complete video (with sound) can be seen here. The model rocket stuff starts at the 4:25 mark – the beginning moments are about Robert Goddard.

We are keeping an eye on the weather and the field for the March 14 launch in Woodville. An announcement will be made towards the end of next week. Please monitor the HARA website or Facebook page.

The Student Launch Projects are coming up during the first week of April. Rocket fair is at the VBCC and the launch is at Bragg Farms on April 4 and 5. They can always use volunteers – send an email to the officers if you wish to help out (

We are still discussing how best to have a “build day” in which folks can work on rocket projects with other club members – looking into dates and possible location.

During Show and Tell: Bill brought an Estes Ghost Chaser (new kit release that snaps together), John demonstrated a really neat way of building up scale Nike Ajax fins, Josh showed off his Black Star Voyager and a 3D printed rocket shaped like a church, Doug displayed his Apogee Flying Machine (replete with rhinestone) and Vince brought a 25 year old Dynacom Scorpion kit with a pre-primed nose cone that he wants to convert to dual deploy.

The winners of the monthly giveaways were: Phillip Burroughs won the Jolly Logic Chute Release, Doug Aguilar the Estes Space Corps Lunar Scout, and James Sanderson the Estes Orange Bullet.

Officer report highlights:

1) John is working all the waivers (and doing a great job, btw). He reports that the FAA is backlogged.

2) Art expanded on the new ruling on WiFi electronics (switches) in rockets – that sort of thing is problematic because you cannot present a rocket with powered electronics to a RSO. An email from Steve Shannon suggests that another area may have to be set up on the range for flyers with these gizmos (off limits to spectators and non-essentials) to allow the “reassembly” of the electronics. Also applies to magnetic switches. 

3) Vince brought up NARCON ( – happening this weekend in Tucson) and that Ed LaCroix has been asking him if HARA would consider hosting a NARCON or doing another NSL. HARA has hosted a NARAM (NARAM 30) and a NSL (in 2016); we have not done a NARCON. It was agreed that Vince would ask Ed LaCroix for more details so the club can make an informed decision.

The last item on the agenda involved Duane demoing his prototype wireless launch controller and going over his list of required functions and features. There was a fair amount of enthusiasm over the development, and the club agreed to provided up to $250 in funds for Duane to continue the project (software development environment, parts, etc.).